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Where past and future meet.

TRØ17 is a point where one can discover its other side, combine

gained knowledge and skills and learn so much more from others.

That is why I want to become a part of it.



Although photography has always been one of the ways of expressing myself, I have learnt its basics and various tricks in EYP. Since the first event as a media team member, I have kept reading, shooting, and experimenting a lot; I believe, my skills and knowledge are above average, yet I keep improving it.


For past 6 years I have worked in Photoshop as an amateur, exploring it via the “trials and errors” method. As a result, back in 2013, I ran my graphics Tumblr blog. Consequently, I have gained broad knowledge in Adobe Lightroom and InDesign.


With Tumblr blogs, I got interested in coding, which resulted in learning basics of HTML and practising it on themes development there. Today I find WordPress to be a more flexible platform, where for a past month I have been doing my best to gain expertise in sufficient website development.


Social Media Experience

Having completed a marketing internship and served as a social media manager at several EYP events, I have gained an understanding in ways how to reach our target groups, which is sometimes ignored in EYP Media Teams.


Here you can find my recent pictures.

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Here you can see my artworks.

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My contribution to the development of TRØ17 Media Team


Pre-Session Tasks

Designed tasks cover basics of photography, videography, academic & creative writing and aim to increase team members’ knowledge bank & encourage peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

Examples: Task 1, Task 2 (recap of tasks for the Photography Team happened at the session itself).


One Team - One Direction

An informal booklet for the Team with basic information about themselves (occupation, interests) and their goals for the session (incl. relevant skills) in order to make each other aware of our individual needs & interests and be sure we are on the same page.

Maria Fedoruk

Maria Fedoruk

Applicant for a position of Editorial Assistant

  • A 20-year-old Ukrainian student of Vienna University of Business and Economics who studies International Economics & Management in Central and Eastern European Region.
  • Passionate traveller with an ability to find cheap tickets 20 hours before the departure.
  • Likes sloths, red pandas, David Fincher’s films, and Victor Hugo’s books.
  • The best emoji ever invented = 💖.